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Derby woman raising concerns about flooding – Wichita, Kansas



KANSAS – A derby woman, Aggie Zimmerman, lives by Spring Creek, which has a large green backyard. As soon as the weather in Kansas changes, so does the scenery. She says floods are a problem. “We’re going down, which means it can cross that deck and head towards my house.”

Zimmerman moved home with his husband, Jerry, who died in 2010. The floodplain wasn’t as big as it was when we first moved, but it changed in 2016. “In my house,” Zimmerman explained, pointing at the map.

She has reached out to the city many times for help.

Dan Squires, Director of Planning and Engineering at Derby, said:

Squire says the city is doing its best to get rid of culvert and add new development requirements to prevent the exacerbation of floods.

He sometimes says that their hands are tied to what they can do. “The floodplain is regulated not only by the city, but also by the states and the federal government, so you can’t go to the floodplain and do whatever you want, because what you’re doing is solving the problem and your neighbors. Because it is to create a problem for. “

Meanwhile, Zimmerman wants people to do what they can to keep their culvert clear to everyone. “I’m getting older, and it’s getting harder and harder, so I just want, I don’t know, I want help.” She said, “I don’t know what else to do.”