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Fellowship Bible Church partners with Community Blood Center to host blood drive



TOPEKA, Kan. – Members of Fellowship Bible Church (FBC) rolled up their sleeves Monday to donate blood to the Community Blood Center.

Lead Pastor Joe Hishmeh said kindness is in the congregation’s blood.

“If you don’t come to Fellowship we want to serve you in any way we can and just the need of blood goes for all people and everyone has that need depending on the situation that’s going on in different people’s lives,” he said.

“Our congregation loves to just step up and donate blood, it’s a fairly easy thing to do and as a result be a blessing, it really connects with our mission to really come alongside people in helping them.”

At a time when the need for donations is high, donors believe giving blood is a way to live out the meaning of their faith.

“Jesus really preached that we should help our neighbors and this was one thing we’re doing to help our neighbors,” Michael Pang said.

“I think we all have to do a part so this was something simple I could do to donate blood to the community so there always seems to be a need so just grateful I can be here to help our and donate some blood.”

“Sometimes you wonder if it really matters but when I do this I know it matters every time,” added Al Atha.

“That’s the one thing I like doing about it is going to go to some good even though I’ll never know where it went what happened with it but someone needed it.”

Even though donating blood may be intimidating, Pastor Hishmuh said he’s proud of church members.

“It just fills my heart to see people who show up on a Monday and donate blood,” Hishmeh said.

“I just think that’s something people can get scared of but when you see it’s such a blessing to so many people it makes it worth it.”