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First Topekan to receive COVID-19 vaccine receives second dose



TOPEKA, Kan. – After 21 days, some Topekans are now fully vaccinated against COVID-19, including Andrew Barnes an APRN in the Emergency Unit at Stormont Vail.

“I’m just honored to have this availability for myself and our organization just to give us that extra bit of protection we need to take care of these sick individuals with COVID,” he said Wednesday.

“I want to be part of the movement to slow the spread.”

Barnes received the first dose of Pfizer vaccine last month, becoming the first Topekan to get the first dosage.

Aside from a sore arm Barnes said he had little side effects within the 21 day waiting period.

As the vaccine continues to roll out, he encourages everyone to keep up with safety guidelines.

“Any step towards normalcy is a huge step for anybody at this point in time we just really need to encourage masks, social distancing and the vaccinations so we can all get back to living how we absolutely want to,” he said.

Over 3,700 Stormont Vail employees have received their first dose of the vaccine.