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Jayhawk Pharmacy offers walk- in vaccinations for youths ages 12 and up



TOPEKA, Kan. – The FDA recently authorized the use of the Pfizer vaccine in children ages twelve to fifteen.

Earlier this week Jayhawk Pharmacy received their shipment of the dose approved for that age group.

Jayhawk Pharmcy hosted walk-in vaccine clinics Thursday and Friday for children.

The idea is to vaccinate as many youths as possible before summer sports and activities.

Its been a long year for the Deister family.

“We went on spring break and it was two weeks off of school, oh that’s pretty fun but then its like oh no, you have the whole year off,” said Julia Deister, a vaccine recipient.

“Most of my friends were in b day classes and I was in a day classes so I didn’t get to see my friends a lot,” said Will Desiter, a vaccine recipient.

After their first does of the Pfizer vaccine, they’re ready for another shot at life. “I’m working on forming a band right now and training for football,” said Will.

The shots were made possible by Jayhawk Pharmacy who held a walk-in vaccine clinic for youths as summer sports and activities approach.

“My kids are very active and I don’t want them to be prohibited from doing something, I could say that there is going to be some organizations or even travel things that unless you can prove that you’ve been vaccinated so I would just hate for them to miss out on any opportunities,” said Brooke Deister, the mother of four kids who received their first does of the vaccine Friday.

Jayhawk Pharmacy is just one of many pharmacies statewide serving as a vaccination clinic.

Governor Kelly says it’s part of the next step to making the vaccine more accessible.

“The mass vaccination sites have done what we hoped they would do but the number of people presenting themselves there really started to decline and so now we need to go to where the people are and that’s their neighborhood pharmacies and their family physician,” said Kelly.

As for the shot itself.. the Deisters say its nothing to be intimidated by

“If you’re worried about the pain, it doesn’t really hurt, it sting for like a second but you will definitely feel more free to do more stuff,” said Weston Deister.