WICHITA, Kan. – “We went through the polio age, right? We’re in our 60s. So if this had been nonsense, we’d still have polio,” said Wichita residents Joe and Pam Barrientos.

“For that to be required, I think, maybe tips the lines of what the government can and can’t do,” said Wichita resident Adam Jensen.

Being required to have proof of vaccination is nothing new, but the term “vaccine passport” has become a hot topic as we continue navigating through the pandemic.

Wichita residents like Joe and Pam Barrientos are all for it.

“They require you to carry ID, right? A driver’s license, which is only valid in this particular state at this particular time. What’s wrong with having a vaccine passport,” said Barrientos.

Residents like Adam Jensen disagree.

“I’m against it because it’s freedom. It’s a freedom that I feel like you’re taking away from me,” said Jensen.

Friday, the state passed a $28 billion budget, which includes language specifically on vaccine passports, banning them from being required to enter a state government building or to receive services.

“It’s been happening for 60, 70 years. The health department’s tracking this stuff. This is just the first time in a pandemic that has been politicized,” said Barrientos.

“I don’t agree that we should be mandated to do anything in that regard,” said Jensen.

While Barrientos and Jensen have different opinions on the idea of vaccine passports, they share the same hope.

“It’d be good if we could all get on the same page and fight for the right thing, which is to conquer the pandemic and get everything back running,” said Barrientos.

“My hope as we move forward is that we get a good grasp on what’s going on and just everybody come together,” said Jensen.

Governor Laura Kelly does have the ability to veto specific items in the budget. While she hasn’t commented yet on this new legislation, in April, she said she has no interest in the state issuing vaccine passports.