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Kaw Valley Bicycle Club celebrates 50th anniversary with special group ride



TOPEKA, Kan. – The Kaw Valley Bicycle Club celebrated their 50th anniversary the same way the club was formed.. a group ride from the statehouse to Gage Park.

In May of 1971, one group with one shared passion met at the statehouse.

A bunch of cyclists got together and said hey lets ride to Gage Park.”

From that moment the Kaw Valley Bicycle Club was born.

“The club just started as a way for people to get together and do rides and stuff and it has expanded to we got a couple main rides that we do during the year last couple of years. With COVID things have kind of slowed down so hopefully we’ll be able to get going on these rides again in the next year,” said Alan Apel, advocacy member for the club.

50 years later the club came together for the same ride that started it all.

Together, the club rode down 8th st. towards Gage Park just like the club’s founders did 50 years ago.

Sunday’s ride was just one of many..

The Kaw Valley Bicycle club has a ride almost every day of the week– each one for a different skill set.

“We’ve got everything from some very young kids up to Frank over there who’s in his 80′s.”

The club is welcome to anyone with a passion for cycling.

“The main thing we always say is the only thing you need to ride on a bike is of course have a bike, we want you to have a helmet, and a water bottle, you have those three things and your good to go.”