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Local organizations host events allowing furry friends to come out



TOPEKA, Kan. – Helping Hands hosted purrs and paws baby shower to help give back to foster animals.

“This is our purs and paws baby shower and we wanted to do a baby shower to gain supplies for the foster program but needed to do it socially distanced so instead we did a drive-thru shower which is really fun we have all the shower activities we have activities for kids and refreshments so it’s as if you were at a baby shower but you can stay in your car,” said Grace Clinton.

The non-profit organization says every little donation of supplies helps–and not even an hour in, the drive-through was full of cars.

“The community support we really appreciate the community coming together because we do get a lot of animals that come in and puppies and kittens that are coming in with no mom and need baby formula or litter so these supplies help us because we are a non-profit organization and the more supplies we get the less we have to go out and buy and we are so amazed at the response,” Margaret Price said.

People who participated in the event received a cookie donated by Josie’s Bakery and each dog in the car—also got a treat.

And right down the street Tender Loving Care Pet Nursing Hotel gave dogs the opportunity to take a picture with the Easter bunny–where 13′s own Danielle Martin was among one of the judges.

“This is our easter bonnet contest and our easter parade and we are hoping people come out with their pets and their bonnets for most creative most elegnat and most hippity hop and we have prizes and free treats,” said owner, Leslie Fleuranges.

Fleuranges says it’s important that pets become social with not just their owners–but with other dogs.

“Interesting enough we are anxious ourselves as home beings and the pandemic certainly hasn’t helped and so we translate that onto our dogs and we find that there is a lot of anxious pets out there and it makes it difficult for them to socialize with other pets they are scared or nervous and what fun is that–it’s great they have a relationship with mom and dad but we also what them to have a relationship with other dogs,” she said.