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Rally at Kansas Statehouse remains peaceful as hundreds gather in support of Trump



TOPEKA, Kan. — A rally at the Kansas Capitol in Topeka remained peaceful Wednesday. Protesters started gathering outside on the lawn and eventually moved inside the building.

Hundreds of people were there to support the effort to contest the electoral vote in Washington D.C. Some held American flags while others held Trump flags.

“We feel like there’s other states here that didn’t follow the rules with massive voter fraud that’s actually taking our voice away and taking our vote away. So we’re just out here to support our president,” Matthew Haefner said. “We feel that it’s been stolen from us. So we’re just out here to support him and our constitution.”

Capitol Police said the groups had a permit to be at the Statehouse.

When they moved inside, protesters went through proper security screenings and followed the rules, according to police.

Capt. Amber Harrington said this was a good example of what a protest should look like, and people in Washington D.C. should take note.

“I couldn’t ask for a better protest. Everybody has a right to speak their mind and protest, but I think it needs to be done peacefully. And this group was great. I couldn’t ask for a better group,” Harrington said.

Harrington said it was more like a family visit when protesters were in the state Capitol Building. People were talking, taking pictures and listening to the person speaking at the podium.