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Rep. Mann works to ensure shelter for homeless veterans



TOPEKA, Kan. – Representative Tracey Mann is working to ensure shelter for homeless veterans.

Representative Tracey Mann says he and Chairman of the Oversight and Investigations Subcommittee Chris Pappas introduced the Affordable Housing for Homeless Veterans Act, which is meant to increase the number of affordable housing options, especially in urban areas, to help reduce veteran homelessness.

“Our job on the Veterans Affairs Committee is to ensure we are taking care of, and doing right by our veterans,” said Congressman Mann. “I am pleased to lead The Affordable Housing for Homeless Veterans Act with Congressman Pappas, which reauthorizes a program to curb veteran homelessness. By allowing the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to sell, lease, rent, or donate a home acquired by the Department, we create more options for veterans and affordable solutions for our nation’s heroes.”

“We have made significant strides in combating veteran homelessness, but the fact that more than 37,000 veterans are still experiencing housing insecurity is simply unacceptable,” said Congressman Pappas. “The Affordable Housing for Homeless Veterans Act takes critical steps to expand access to affordable housing in high-cost areas by allowing the VA to sell or lease homes that have been acquired through foreclosure to our veterans. I am proud to introduce this bipartisan legislation with Congressman Mann and will continue to work with my colleagues and the VA until all those who served our nation have a safe place to call home.”

According to Mann, the Department of Veterans Affairs and Housing Urban Development have committed to ensuring every veteran has a place to call home, which includes increasing the supply of access o affordable housing. He said H.R. 2419 would reauthorize and amend a program to allow the Secretary of the VA to sell, lease, rent or donate a home that will increase the number of affordable housing options in higher-cost areas.