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Shawnee County has 22 total COVID-19 variant cases, indicator says



TOPEKA, Kan. – Shawnee County reported 95 COVID-19 cases between March 28 and April 3, the county’s community indicator report said.

The 95 cases reported is a drop from the 136 cases reported on the previous virus indicator. The county reported three cases of the U.K. variant on March 30. The county now has 22 cases of the variant.

“While we are happy to see the favorable decreases in numbers this week, it is important for our community to stay vigilant in its COVID response by continuing to practice the 3 W’s — wearing your mask, watching your distance and washing your hands — and getting the vaccine when able,” the indicator said.

This week’s index dropped three points from a rating of five down to a score of two with most measures sitting in the “low” category. The overall score is in the moderate category.