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Survey ranks K-State best educational value in state



KANSAS — Kansas State University graduates’ income-earning power continues to lead the state, making K-State the best educational value in Kansas, according to a recent national study.

Financial technology company SmartAsset ranks the state’s best college value based on return-on-investment comparisons of starting salary, tuition, living expenses, student retention rate and scholarships awarded among 10 Kansas colleges and universities.

“A Kansas State University education continues to be a great investment for our students,” said Charles Taber, university provost and executive vice president. “Our graduates command excellent starting salaries, and the financial value of this investment only grows over their lifetimes. In addition, a K-State education carries tremendous non-monetary value, preparing students to be leaders and engaged citizens in our communities.”

The study showed new K-State graduates entering the workforce earn an average starting salary of $53,800, which is an increase of $1,300 from the university’s average starting salary in 2020.

“K-State is a great value for students as this survey shows,” said Karen Goos, vice provost for enrollment management. “We are committed to student success during their time here and beyond. Our most recent survey shows 95 percent of our K-State graduates are working or continuing their education after they receive their degree and earning higher starting salaries than anyone in the state.”

The university also tied for the lead in student retention at 86%, which is an increase from 2020.