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TARC’S Winter Wonderland turnout breaks records



TOPEKA, Kan. – In the time of the coronavirus pandemic, TARC’s Winter Wonderland fundraiser is changing odds with a record-breaking year.

The fundraiser, a drive-thru light display at Lake Shawnee, wrapped up their 2020-2021 holiday season in January. The gift of the funds donated continued to keep giving, with TARC having over 16,875 vehicles drive through the display.

“We have never had that many go through in any year, and this was year 23,” said Sherry Lundry with TARC. “The last 23 years, that is the biggest number of vehicles that have gone through Winter Wonderland.”

TARC raised over $240,000 from the fundraiser, another record-breaking number.

A majority of this will go toward supporting TARC’s programs for children and adults with disabilities.

KSNT News is a proud sponsor of TARC and Winter Wonderland.