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Topeka City Council hear update on 2020 Census



TOPEKA, Kan. – As the U.S Census Bureau is currently verifying the results for the 2020 census, Topeka City Council heard an update regarding the census committee’s work.

Council members talked over the importance of the census and learned how to navigate a website that lets everyone see the data that’s been collected.

For all last year, councilman Mike Padilla chaired the complete census committee for Topeka, on Tuesday night, the rest of the council reflected on the committees efforts in 2020.

“When you look for good leaders and good things to happen, you think of attributes such as humility, kindness, ability to connect, you think of people who are not scared to think on big challenges. I tell you Deputy Mayor (Mike Padilla) that there is no greater honor than to say you took the lead for our community with the census,” said Topeka Mayor, Michelle De La Isla.

One of the most important things we do is conduct the census every ten years and its vital for our community. So much is tied to numbers that we have both a pride issue and money that goes along with that so I’m very appreciative of all the work we were able to get done I think we came away with a very good count and I’m hopeful that our number is going to turn out very good at the end of the day,” said Topeka City Manager Brent Trout.

Jason Dean of the U.S. Census Bureau was also there and offered them a presentation about the census website and its importance.

“A lot of grants, a lot of decisions by non-profits and private sector is being made upon so when someone gets a survey, someone in Topeka will probably get one this week and they need to know that they still need to respond to get that vital information back to the community to address the needs.”