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Topeka Rescue Mission keeps the tradition alive



TOPEKA, Kan. – The Topeka Rescue Mission hosted a Christmas day meal celebration for guests staying at their shelters.

But-with COVID-19, the event had to be adjusted to help with social distancing.

There are many changes that had to be made to make this event possible, including the amount of staff members.

Usually for Christmas day they have about 50-60 volunteers. This year, they had to narrow that total to about ten to help with safety restrictions.

Some other differences include having people receiving food being sectioned off into groups and having a time limit to eat before rotating.

Normally the Christmas dinner is open to the public, and the Rescue Mission made that still possible.

Executive Director of Topeka Rescue Mission, Barry Feaker said, “But because of social distancing and safety we can’t do that but instead of saying we don’t have anything for them, we will be giving out lunches through the back door of the kitchen as well as soon food for tonight’s dinner and something for tomorrow morning”.