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Topeka Zoo to celebrate Earth Day, say goodbye to Konza the giraffe



TOPEKA, Kan. – The Topeka Zoo will celebrate Earth Day and say goodbye to Konza the giraffe.

The Topeka Zoo says visitors on Saturday can enjoy the zoo and celebrate Earth Day at its Party for the Planet. It said visitors will be able to participate in different activities to learn how their actions affect the environment and ways to make the planet a healthier place. It said Docents will be out with their education stations to share bio-facts and fun information that relates to the zoo’s residents.

According to the Zoo, the weekend of April 17 also marks the last time the young male giraffe Konza can be seen.

The Zoo said early in the week of April 19, Konza, the male giraffe calf that was born at the Zoo in the summer of 2018, will move to his new home.

“We knew when he was born that he wouldn’t be staying here long,” said Zoo Director Brendan Wiley.  “When he became old enough, he was destined to move on to another zoo where eventually he will become the bull of his own giraffe herd.”

According to the Zoo, Konza was its first giraffe to be born live-streamed on a webcam. It said on that day, a number of people were at the zoo watching, and countless others were waiting from places around the community and the world as Abby gave birth.

The Zoo said in more normal times, Konza would have moved when he turned 2-years-old, however, COVID-19 changed his original moving plans. It said while the delay was information for the zoo he is moving to, it has enjoyed the extra time with Konza.

If all goes well, the Zoo said Konza will leave Topeka on Monday. It said in the next few weeks, Konza’s new zoo will make the announcement of his new home.