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Two Men And A Truck surprise mothers at the Hope Center in time for Mother’s Day



TOPEKA, Kan. -Two Men And A Truck nationwide have dedicated a special event throughout the month of May to give back.

“We are raising donations for women in the need around the time of Mother’s Day, so we collect some essential items like lotions and headbands. We tried to collect items that they would need in the shelter and we want to surprise them with baskets on Mother’s Day,” Colton Busick said.

The company is new to the Topeka community, but they weren’t going to let that keep them from participating in the company’s decade-long tradition.

“This is our 14th year of “Movers For Moms” and our first time in Topeka as we are a new location that just opened in April, but we are excited to join the community in doing something like this,” Colton Busick said.

Busick said he wants to make sure no mothers were overlooked on Mother’s Day.

“A lot of people overlook women in need and women involved in domestic violence situations,” he said.

The business was amazed at how many donations they received and are glad to give back to an organization that cares about the community.

“We were excited for what they have going, they offer different shelters for different amounts of people and different people in different walks of life and so we were just really excited about what they do in the community and how they help the community of Topeka,” Busick said.