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Under Served Communities to Benefit From New Mobile Shower Facility



TOPEKA, Kan. – Topeka Rescue Ministries says that since the Covid-19 Pandemic, personal care supplies such as tooth paste, deodorant, and shaving cream have been harder for under served communities to access. That’s why Topeka Rescue Ministries partnered with Valeo to provide a mobile shower and laundry facility.

The facility is a first come first served basis and will not only provide showers and laundry, but personal care products as well.

Students at Shaner Early Learning Academy helped provide these products and held a donation drive hoping to reach their goal of 400 donated items. They ended up exceeding their goal… by a lot. The students successfully donated 1,912 to the drive.

“I want people to know that we care about them and because I want them to have something to do and something to bath with and something to brush their teeth with,” said Harmony Grace, a student at Shaner Early Learning Academy who donated supplies.

Kyla Christine is another student at Shaner Early Learning Academy and she said that she gave because it made her feel happy and she wanted help others. Kyla also said that she used her own money to buy the supplies she donated.

Mark DeGroff is the Director of Street Outreach for Topeka Rescue Ministries and said that it’s good to have young kids learn the value of giving at an early age.

“To understand the kind of impact that they can make at a young age like that could truly change the trajectory of a life like that and really encourage those young hearts who are passionate about helping people and about caring for people,” said DeGroff.

In addition to personal care, the mobile shower facility will also provide three hot meals a day twice a week.