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A New business will be headed to the old Landing Grille & Bar building



TOPEKA, Kan. -They always say when one door closes–another one opens.

Owner, Scott Huston will be introducing a new family-oriented grille to Topeka.

“Our business model will be focused on a family grill platform as for our food and we still will be a bar as well but we are focusing on the grill side and the community and the high school,” said Huston.

Before Thunderbird’s Grille officially opens–Huston plans on adding some additions–

“We are going to do a facelift and we are going to start the process of a total remodel immediately so we are hoping in the next 30 days to be complete from flooring to kitchens to TVs and tables so we are excited and we plan on doing a really good job and making this something the community will be proud of,” he said.

Huston says there are some key factors that make a business stand out amongst others.

“What separates you is how good is your service, how good is your food and how well maintained is your facility and I think we will do an exceptional job there and we will fit the need of the community-specific for out here and for what they are looking for,” Huston said.

He also says he hopes to open in time for baseball season and while school is still in session to take advantage of the baseball diamonds across the street and Shawnee Heights High School just down the road.