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American Red Cross and WIBW team up for sickle cell blood drive



TOPEKA, Kan. – When Deborah Dawkins heard her blood could be just what someone with sickle cell disease needed, she rolled up her sleeve to help.

“I understand that the genetic markers from someone from their own community makes it easier for them to accept the blood donations so i wanted to make sure I did my part”

Sickle Cell Disease affects about 100,000 people, most of whom are of African or Latino descent.

WIBW brought a sickle cell blood drive to The New Mount Zion Church to provide an opportunity to assist those patients.

The pandemic has led to many cancelled blood drives creating a need for more donors.

“Donations are down and this is very needed and you would hate to have a loved one or yourself be in the position where you needed blood and there was a shortage.” Making the need for sickle cell donors even greater.

“We just want to make sure that that the word gets out on that and try and give this more awareness because its just a big need all blood types are needed but especially for those that have sickle cell definitely are in need across the area and the neat thing about our blood drive is that it will go across the region that is needed.”

“You should always be willing to give so that there is availability for people when they need it.”