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ArtsConnect names 25 artists selected to participate in Artist Inc. program



TOPEKA, Kan. – Twenty-five artists will get the chance to expand and learn the ins and outs of running a business as an artist through the Artist Inc. Topeka program.

The program’s participants were chosen following a highly selective application process. Artist Inc., which begins March 9, is an eight-week program in which artists of all disciplines will be guided by a team of facilitators.

The Artist Inc. fellows will learn business skills relevant to the arts and how to apply those skills.

This is the first year the Artist Inc. program, which is presented by the Mid-America Arts Alliance and managed locally by ArtsConnect, will take place in Topeka. The program has previously been held in Oklahoma, Texas, Nebraska, Missouri and Arkansas. More than 1,500 artists have completed the program in the last 10 years.

Some Topeka artists, including Kathy Pflaum and Jancy Petit, previously participated in the program when it was offered in Lawrence.

The following is the list of local artists participating in the program:

• Carmen Anello — music/theater performing artist

• Benjamin Arnfield — visual artist

• Byron Ashley — visual artist

• Audrey Bosley — literary and visual artist

• Anthony Braun — visual artist

• Kim D. Brook — ceramic artist

• Robert Tapley Bustamante — muralist and visual artist

• Katie Heffren — visual artist

• Rodney L Hoover — painter/photographer

• Erika Kjorlie Geery — visual artist

• Lisa LaRue-Baker — 2D and 3D visual artist

• Angela Lexow — 2D and 3D visual artist

• Liza MacKinnon  — 2D and 3D visual artist

• Xavier Martinez — muralist and visual artist

• Kyra Miller — ceramic and 2D artist

• Devin M. Morrison — multimedia artist

• Paul Rudy — musician/performing artist

• Dané Shobe — theater/performing artist

• Nathan Short — theater/performing artist

• Ptr Sponseller — 3-D sculpture artist

• Susan K. Theroff — visual artist

• Jeremy Wangler — photographer

• Rebecca Waugh — visual artist

• Brian Wiedle — visual artist

• Ryan Wills — musician/performing artist