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Can’t find vitamin D? Pharmacists recommend these alternatives



TOPEKA, Kan. – Vitamin D is in high demand, according to one Topeka pharmacist, as research suggests it boosts your immune system and can lower your risk of the coronavirus.

However, if you cannot find vitamin D at your local store or pharmacy, Dr. Mike Conlin with Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply in Topeka recommended trying vitamin E, vitamin A or vitamin K.

“I always encourage people to take a good multiple vitamin,” Conlin said. “Then, choose their battles. You don’t need to take everything that you see on Sunday morning TV. That, ‘oh, I’m tired,’ or ‘I’ve got whatever condition so I better go find some.’”

In addition, selenium and zinc offer support to one’s immune system in keeping it strong, similar to vitamin D.

These vitamins not only boost immunity, but can also help fight fatigue.

No matter what vitamins you choose to take, Conlin recommended talking with your doctor or pharmacist to ensure it’s the right one for you.