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COVID-19 continues downward trend, but doctors urge vigilance during holidays



TOPEKA, Kan.  – Thieves who stole a bio-medical COVID-19 test collection box did not get away with 58 COVID-19 tests after all.

On Tuesday, Dec. 22 it was reported that thieves stole a collection box with COVID-19 tests outside New Mount Zion Baptist Church in Topeka Saturday evening, Dec. 19.

At the time it was believed the tests were inside the box, however the courier later notified the church and authorities that the tests had already been picked up.

The courier left the empty collection box outside of an on site storage container.

Pastor Delmar White said there is video of the theft of the box which contained no samples.

“It was very deliberate,” Pastor White told KSNT. “You see the truck pull up, you see the brake lights come on, when they pull away the box is gone.”

Since then steps have been taken to ensure it can not happen again.

But, it stills begs the question, why would someone steal a box labeled bio-medical hazard?

“I don’t who would pick that up,” Pastor White said.