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Dedication of Jerold Binkley Memorial Garden presented at Tulip Festival



TOPEKA, Kan. -Many gathered at the Ted Ensley Gardens to make a special dedication to someone who was responsible for the tulips, Jerold Binkley.

“He’s also loved flowers and he had a great garden in his own home that he knew he couldn’t keep on forever so he started this one here at Ted Ensley Gardens,” said daughter, Sherri Clayton.

But he didn’t stop there, several locations in Topeka have part of Binkley’s legacy.

“This is a beautiful place and it has expanded to Ward-Meade and also the Gage Park Rock Garden and the downtown Topeka and even the garden at the Topeka Zoo had some of my dad’s part as well,” she said.

What once started out as a home garden–turned into a beautiful scenery for all to enjoy year-round.

This is why Shawnee County Parks and Recreation held a ceremony to reveal a stone with his name on it so many can remember what he left behind. The stone will take place in a memorial garden that will also be dedicated to him.

“But this will live on he couldn’t live forever and I think he knew that so this is something that can be carried on by all the garden clubs and Shawnee County Parks and Recreation Center,” Clayton said.