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Fellowship Hi-Crest Church uses gym as a warming center



TOPEKA, Kan. – Fellowship Hi-Crest Church opened its doors on Tuesday to keep people warm.

The church is in the former Avondale East Elementary building on Golf Park Boulevard off Southeast Adams is using its gym as a warming center.

They’re also offering free blankets and water. The church says anyone is welcome to stop in.

“We’re just looking around in our community and in our neighborhood, and I know people may be struggling to keep the heat like going in their house and keep up with the cold weather,” Fellowship Hi-Crest Director of Ministries, Jill Rice said. “They can be here as long as they need to, to warm up.”

Fellowship Hi-Crest Church has capacity and social distance safety protocols in place.

They’ll be open until 8 P.M. Tuesday night, and 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Wednesday, then the church will evaluate the need and will reopen if needed.