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Fellowship Hi-Crest host Easter services in-person and virtually



TOPEKA, Kan. -Last year Fellowship Hi-Crest Church may have looked different as easter was at the beginning of a pandemic and most churches closed their doors or went virtual, but that wasn’t the case this year and people filled the seats ready to attend Easter service.

This year churches are opening up their doors for Easter, but still taking safety precautions.

“So it’s every other seat every other row and we are two seats apart from family groups and we are asking that they wear a mask and we have hand sanitizer we are spacing our children ministries room and making sure there are more rooms–we are slowly rolling and opening things up that were open before Covid so it’s not rushed we are escorting people in and out,” Pastor Johnathan Sublet said.

But whether you chose to attend in-person or watch from your home—Fellowship will accommodate both options.

“Here’s the deal, we want to encourage people to whether they watch from home because that’s where their comfort level is, that doesn’t matter. It’s that they want to celebrate and we want to do a duel thing where we see the importance of gathering together and the importance of you being in a place where you feel safe but it was encouraging to see people back in the building,” Sublet said.

“Easter Sunday is about the promise and the fact that he actually rose from the grave on Sunday morning renews that the promise is still good and we just need to remember that and easter is a time where we gather and remember the promise,” he said.