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Faith Lutheran Church holds Easter service for hearing impaired



TOPEKA, Kan. – Many churches have adjusted to the Coronavirus by changing the way they hold their services, creating many different options for how you could attend Easter Sunday service but unfortunately those options couldn’t meet everyone’s needs.

While many attended Easter service by logging into a computer or sitting down in a pew, The Faith Lutheran Church in Topeka invited its church-goers to pull up a lawn chair for an Easter service outside.

Being outside isn’t the only thing that makes this service unique.

“Everything we do is signed, there are some hearing people, you know family members or friends of the deaf that come but really our worship service is intended for the deaf community,” said pastor Paul Tessaro.

It’s a part of the Faith Lutheran church’s deaf ministry and worship program.

“Faith Lutheran Church, before COVID, had two times a month, interpreted morning worship service and then I was able to come twice a month in the afternoon for afternoon worship service specially interpreted for the deaf.”

Because of the Coronavirus the deaf ministry’s services have been entirely virtual but they were able to finally together again in time for Easter.

“Its just wonderful to see everyone in person and then also with the Lutheran church we try to focus on the lord supper and you can’t do that on Facebook live so we’re overjoyed to do that today.” “This is a really important ministry its always small numbers but those numbers are very important to our lord.”