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Local food trucks take part in Helping Hands Humane Society’s fundraiser



TOPEKA, Kan. – Five local vendors came together to help support a longtime Topeka organization.

“This is the first time we’ve done an event like this here where its specifically a food truck night, its a dinner night, its a fundraiser here on site,” said Grace Clinton, director of business development for the Helping Hands Humane Society.

Poppin Squeeze, Poppin Minis, Smokey Dunks, Stumpy’s Smoked Cheese and Behr Paws, all came together to hold a special fundraiser for the Helping Hands Humane Society.

“Richard actually from Poppin Minis said hey, doing anything Saturday and he said lets get together and lets get some food trucks together and have a little food truck night,” said Aaron Parish, owner of Poppin Squeeze.

Together the five food trucks had something guaranteed to satisfy almost anyone’s taste buds.

“We’ve got five amazing local businesses, local food trucks who just want to support the community who just love the humane society and have a great product for our community so its a great opportunity for people to come out and try something you’ve never tried before, you can support local and your humane society all at one time,” said Clinton.

The event was able to bring the community together, to enjoy some good food and good weather, while supporting as good cause.

“There is not many events right now obviously because of COVID so it was just a perfect storm of food trucks wanting to get out, we know people want to get out and have fun and have a good time and eat some good food and we love helping out the helping hands and being able to donate.”