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Good Kid Stephanie Reiff steps up, in a January food drive



TOPEKA, Kan. — 13 News wants Stephanie Reiff to know we appreciate her work in putting a school-wide food drive together early this year at Washburn Rural High. Stephanie coordinated it with her classmates in Students Against Prejudice, who lent their hands to the cause. Our Good Kid and her crew collected a large haul of non-perishable items, mostly ramen noodles, canned pasta, plenty of cans of fruit.. and lots of jars of peanut butter.

Washburn Rural describes her efforts as outstanding, and it went a long way to in making sure food shelves were stocked at the holiday time. Stephanie is pictured in our news story with her mask off for a moment in a smiling pose. And she has a lot to smile about. She’ll be a Senior in the Washburn Rural Class of 2022. She began 2021 by being chosen as a member of the National Honors Society, and will spend this summer in a leadership program she’s also been asked to be part of. Good luck to our Good Kid, Stephanie Reiff of Washburn Rural High. Nominate a Good Kid in your hometown or school by reaching Ralph with your nomination at [email protected].