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Kansas among top 25 states with hardest-hit economies by COVID-19



TOPEKA, Kan. – Kansas has ranked No. 18 for states with economies hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic. says COVID-19 has not only been a danger to human health, but also economic health. It said some states have been better positioned economically to handle the pandemic, while others still struggle. To find out which states have been hit hardest economically, it said it looked at each state’s share of employment, small businesses, the share of workers with paid sick leave and an increase in unemployment insurance claims.

According to its study, State Economies Hit the Most by Coronavirus, Kansas has ranked as the 18th hardest-hit state economy. It said the state ranked 38 for highly affected industries and workforce and fifth for resources for businesses to cope better with the crisis. It said this accounted for the state’s total score of 45.3.