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Kansas basketball juco transfer Sydney Curry could find decent minutes next season



TOPEKA, Kan. – Power forward Sydney Curry could see an important role on Kansas basketball’s roster next season. Signing his letter of intent in April, Curry will eligible to play in 2021 and may contribute for the Jayhawks out of the gate.

Currently, the most power inside is coming from returning senior forward David McCormack. Curry could help facilitate more production inside the paint, which will be crucial next season considering the number of guards KU has been recruiting.

Sydney averaged 13 points per game during his final juco season with John A. Logan College. His 73.9% field goal percentage would support the Volunteers’ 18-5 record in 2020-21.

At 6′ 8”, he is extremely competitive inside. Winning rebounds left and right, Curry provides relief inside, even in tight situations.

While Curry likes to inch his way inside, this can be dangerous. Oftentimes, abrupt movements that close to the glass are vulnerable to turnovers.

The good news is: he can finish at the rim. His strength stands out and this is something former assistant coach Jerrance Howard may have picked up on during his recruitment of Sydney.

Kansas will have a different-looking roster next season and noticeable changes should come from the inside too. While McCormack will be returning, having some new talent inside will surely shake things up offensively.

How many minutes Curry will find next season remains a tough question, but it would be shocking if he wasn’t finding floor time at all.

The boot camp will give fans more insight as the offseason runs its course and it’ll be interesting to see what Kansas’ staff thoughts are along the way.