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Local golf course sees over 10% increase in rounds played even with winter weather, coronavirus



TOPEKA, Kan. — Topeka’s Cypress Ridge Golf Course has seen a 13% increase in the number of rounds played this year — a touch higher than the national average.

To put that in perspective, the course annually sees about 30,000 rounds played and in 2020 that number has jumped to 34,000.

Course management said that the number of junior golfers and golf lessons have also seen a significant increase.

“People were just trying to find something to do especially something outside and where they could be socially distant,” said Penny Hickman with the golf course. “A lot of people were working from home so they were able to work at home in the morning and sneak out and play golf in the afternoons.”

Course management said they are hopeful the 2021 season will be just as successful.