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‘Outbreak’ named most detested word among Kansans



TOPEKA, Kan. – It’s no surprise that the word ‘outbreak’ was voted the most detested pandemic-related word among Kansans. While most Americans can’t wait to get the vaccine and put an end to the coronavirus, it’s likely that many of us are also ready to part with certain pandemic-related words and phrases. From work chats, social media, newspapers and magazines, to the new season of Grey’s Anatomy, which is set in the midst of the pandemic it seems that our world is flooded with pandemic-related words! The linguistic changes have been so profound that Merriam-Webster named ‘pandemic’ as its number 1 word of the year in 2020.

A poll by, found that ‘outbreak’ is officially the most detested pandemic-related word among Kansans.

Top 5 pandemic-related phrases hated by Kansans are:

1. Outbreak

2. Flattening the curve

3. Second wave

4. Bubble

5. Unprecedented