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Safe and convenient ways to get your medications from a pharmacy



TOPEKA, Kan. – Between the snowy weather that hit Northeast Kansas last week, and the pandemic Kansans are experiencing, you may not want to head to the pharmacy for your medications.

Many pharmacies are taking your concerns away by offering ways to receive your medications without even leaving your home.

“One thing none of us have a lot of is time. It’s one resource we can’t renew,” said Dr. Michael Conlin, a pharmacist with Jayhawk Pharmacy and Patient Supply in Topeka. “Whether it’s spring, summer, fall or winter, being able to consolidate your time, conserve your time, it makes a lot of sense.”

Jayhawk Pharmacy and other pharmacies are offering to deliver their patient’s medications, Conlin said.

However, if you’re already out and about but don’t want to leave the warmth and safety of your vehicle, see if your pharmacy offers curbside pick-up or has a drive-thru.

“That, for everybody, is such a convenience,” Conlin said.

Another option to limit the amount of times you leave your home is to ask your pharmacy to consolidate your prescriptions.

“We can get everything pretty much ready to be refilled at the same time,” Conlin said. “Then you’re making one trip.”

At Jayhawk Pharmacy, they will also organize your pills by day of the week, free of charge, according to Conlin.

“Just by making it easy, because life’s pretty complicated,” Conlin said.

So now, you can get a refill without even having to put your snow boots on.