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Sanitary sewer project to impact Topeka streets



TOPEKA, Kan. – A sanitary sewer project will impact a handful of streets in Topeka.

The City of Topeka says starting on Monday, Jan. 11, EmCon will line an extensive run of the sanitary sewer, which will impact 6th, 5th, 4th and 1st between Van Buren and Jackson simultaneously.

According to the City, 1st St. is already closed and will remain closed through the week of Jan. 11. It said 6th St. will close between Jackson and VanBuren, while the alleys between 6th and 3rd between Jackson and VanBuren will also be closed. It said 4th and 5th St. will remain open, but lanes will be narrowed and speeds will be significantly reduced. It said 3rd St. will remain open and will not be impeded by the work.

The City said EmCon will bypass pump the sanitary sewer across 4th and 5th St. during this phase of work, utilizing ramps that will allow traffic to drive across the tubes. It said drivers should plan to avoid these sections or be cautious. It said if the work impacts resident commutes, residents should consider placing a sticky note on their dashboard to remind them on Monday.

According to the City, the plan is that everything except 1st St. will be open by the end of the week of Jan. 11, but the schedule is dependent on the weather.