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SCSO: 45-year-old man arrested, charged with felony criminal threat



Topeka, KANSAS – Authorities said the 45-year-old was arrested and taken into custody on Friday.

On Friday, SCSO deputies were conducting surveillance in an attempt to locate Dahlkestiere Eichelberger regarding a criminal threat investigation.

Shortly before 6pm, Sheriff Hill and deputies located Eichelberger walking in the Walmart parking lot at 2600 NW Rochester Road. Eichelberger was taken into custody, prior to entering the store, without incident. Eichelberger was in possession of a short barrel semi-automatic rifle and ammunition.

The rifle was on a sling, concealed under his clothing.

A subsequent search warrant was conducted on Eichelberger’s residence in the 3400 block of NW Country Lane.

Eichelberger was booked into the Shawnee County Department of Corrections and charged with felony criminal threat.