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Shawnee County Commission decides ‘any party’ can opt-out of mask mandate still in place



TOPEKA, Kan. – “Any party” in Shawnee County can opt-out of the area’s COVID-19 mask mandate, the Shawnee County Commission decided Monday.

Commissioners Aaron Mays, Bill Riphahn and Kevin Cook decided to keep the rule requiring face coverings in Shawnee County, but decided that “any party potentially aggrieved,” like businesses, churches, non-profits or individuals can decide to allow their employees and patrons to opt-out of the mask mandate while on-premises. However, if any party chooses to require masks, then anyone there must still follow that rule.

Watch the commissioners debate and vote on the mandate in Monday’s meeting below. The commissioners make their decision at 1:34:00.

The mask mandate has been in place for both indoor and outdoor places in Shawnee County since July 6, 2020.