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State extends tax refund deadlines until October amid COVID-19 pandemic



TOPEKA, Kan. — The Kansas government is working to help low-income families during the coronavirus pandemic. Because many tax assistance locations are closed, the tax filing deadline has been pushed to match the new federal deadline of July 15, 2020.

The Kansas Department of Revenue is now also pushing the deadline to file for special tax refunds. For example, low-income Kansans can file for the Homestead refund, which gives back a portion of the property tax each year, depending on the need of the household. However, because there is no tax assistance available to properly file, the deadline has been extended six months, until October 15, 2020.

“These things, this time of the year, that are foremost for many people, especially the elderly, they don’t need to be concerned. Those issues have been addressed,” said Mark Burghart, Kansas Secretary of Revenue.

Secretary Burghart also encouraged Kansans to file online, if possible, and not wait until the last minute to get everything completed.