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Stormont Vail adds vaccination metrics, patients being cared for to its COVID-19 scorecard



TOPEKA, Kan. – Stormont Vail Health has added its vaccination data and number of patients being cared for to its COVID-19 scorecard.

Stormont Vail Health says it has added the number of COVID-19 vaccinations it has given and the number of active and total patients that are being cared for in its enhanced care primary care initiative.

According to the health system, residents should get two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine in order for it to be the most effective. It said the scorecard now includes the total number of vaccinations it has given, which is a combination of the first and second doses. It said as of Jan. 5, it has provided 3,706 vaccinations. It said it will note the groups that are receiving the vaccines as well. It said currently, those receiving vaccines are Stormont Vail team members. It said the groups are decided by the Kansas Department of Health and Environment.

Stormont Vail said the enhanced primary care program is caring for 120 patients as of Jan. 5, and in total, 262 patients have been in the program. It said enhanced primary care serves those that are COVID-19 positive and need more intensive care in an outpatient care setting as they recover from the virus. It said patients may have gotten care in the Emergency Department or may have been hospitalized and are now returning home. It said through enhanced primary care, patients are checked on frequently by a nurse care coordinator, have their oxygen levels monitored and get care from a primary care provider. It said the goal is to help the recovery of the patients and avoid hospitalization. It said this has been a beneficial program for patients and has been a huge effort by the clinic team members.

Currently, Stormont said it has 69 inpatients that are positive with COVID-19. It said the percentage of patients testing positive at its testing location is 31.9%. It said this is much higher than the 5% that indicates active community spread and 10% that indicates uncontrolled spread.

Stormont Vail said the pandemic is not over and residents should remain vigilant and follow preventative measures. It said residents should wear face masks, social distance by 6 feet, wash hands, avoid crowds and get vaccinated as soon as the opportunity arises for them.