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Trinity Presbyterian Church hosts food distribution



TOPEKA, Kan. – Trinity Presbyterian Church volunteers braved the cold to continue their food giveaway. This week was no different, with extreme cold temperatures forcing many other giveaways to cancel.

“We’ve usually got cars lined up clear past stems park and sometimes all the way back over to 17th,” said volunteer, Carol Thomas.

Volunteers handed out more than 150 boxes, stocked with items like fresh produce, cottage cheese, pork cutlets, and milk. In the midst of a pandemic, they’ve seen the need for food increase.

“Sometimes we don’t have as much food. and so last time we had to turn a few people away because we ran out of food,” Thomas said

Volunteers say they want people to know they are here.

“It’s great that you guys are here. I mean this gets the word out to the community and helps more people that might want to consider this,” volunteer, Mit Winter says.