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Volunteer organization “Project Forward” re-brands as “Top Teer” ahead of Topeka talent show



TOPEKA, Kan. – Project Forward, a Topeka organization that is focused on community engagement and volunteerism, announced that they are changing their name to “Top Teer” heading in to the new year.

Top Teer says they may have changed their name, but they are still focused on bringing the best volunteer experiences to the community.

On Sunday, Top Teer held the inaugural “Top City Talent Show”, in a virtual format featuring local talents.

The show brought together local talent, including 13′s Melissa Brunner, to share their abilities in support of local non-profits.

The show was free to watch but donations were strongly encouraged and all proceeds went towards supporting volunteer efforts in Topeka.

Connor England with Top Teer addressed the virtual format, saying that there are some positives to it.

“Sometimes it’s a little bit weird looking at a camera and recognizing some eyes on the other ends of the screens but once you’re in that zone, it reminds you that our ability to reach people with our message or your cause is bigger and better than it has ever been before.”