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Topeka Zoo accepting Christmas tree donations for animal enrichment, recycling



TOPEKA, Kan. – The Topeka Zoo is currently accepting Christmas tree donations. The zoo is looking for live Christmas trees with no ornaments, hooks, tinsel, tree stands or plastic bags.

Manager of Zoo Operations Fawn Moser said the trees will be given to a variety of animals as an end of the year treat.

“That is a stimulus to provide the animals so they’re not bored,” Moser said. “It can also provide shelter and give the animals something to do. They could rub up against the tree. Some of the animals might eat the needles off of the tree.”

The trees are also a new scent for the animals. Moser said that new scent gives the animals a chance to expand their minds.

“Depending on what animal it is sometimes we can take a Christmas tree out of one exhibit and give it to another animal in a different exhibit,” Moser said. “That actually produces a different scent.”

Once the animals are done with the trees, Moser said they will be collected and ground up into mulch for the gardens at the zoo.

The Topeka Zoo is accepting donations through January 8. Donations can be dropped off on the southeast side of Gage Park, just east of the horseshoe court parking lot.