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You can now get yourself these fluffy and adorable miniature cows as pets



We all love cats and dogs, right? Yes, dogs and cats have helped us evolve into the humans we are today. But, did you know that you can get a miniature cow as a pet? That’s right, it’s not just any ordinary cow. These are miniature cows and will almost feel like taking care of a bigger dog. They are now all the rage, especially among animal lovers. They will make for a petite and cute pet to have and are not difficult to take care of at all.

Much like having dogs, miniature cows are relatively low maintenance and cost relatively less to take care of. But that does not mean their care can be neglected. Caring for miniature cows is actually a great way to teach novice cowherds how to take responsibility before they are ready to take on the fully grown cows. They can also be used to teach children the fundamentals of agriculture. 

In fact, it is almost easier to take care of miniature cows than it is to take care of bigger dogs since they are more gentle creatures who do not need that much training. Owing to their smaller size, miniature cows also do not take up too much space. This further saves you the trouble of having a farm or barn to keep them. As for their price, they cost anywhere between $1,800 to $3,500 depending on their markings, size, and color. The rare Panda cow is the most expensive, selling for $30,000. As of now, more than twenty breeds of mini-cattle and the more common ones are less expensive.

A huge part of getting cows is the bond we forge with them that is mutually beneficial. As you train and domesticate the animal, you are also learning to discipline yourself and become more patient and empathetic. It is a rewarding experience to care for another living being. The same goes for miniature cows. Taking care of them may not be as challenging but it is definitely fulfilling. You will have to continuously have hands-on interaction with them. You can even take them on walks that can be a calming exercise for you as well as your cow. If you and your cow form a close bond, you can even train them to sit, walk, and stay still like you would with dogs.

Many people have also taken to rearing miniature cows for business purposes in addition to having them as pets. Miniature cattle pay for themselves through the sale of calves and also come with potential tax write-offs. They can even be given their regular dose of socializing through petting zoos. Another surprising benefit of miniature cows is that they are environmentally friendly as well. It takes 10 mini cows to produce the amount of methane of one full-sized cow. So miniature cows are not only great for your mind, soul, and your pocket, but also the planet.