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Gov. Kelly makes appointments to administration



TOPEKA, Kan. – Governor Laura Kelly has made new appointments to her administration.

Governor Laura Kelly says she has made appointments to Kansas state boards and commissions. She said her appointments are as follows:

Kansas-Oklahoma Arkansas River Commission

Gov. Kelly said this commission communicates with appropriate state agencies in Kansas and Oklahoma regarding the waters of the Arkansas river basin and promotes development, provides an agency for administering the water apportionment, encourages the maintenance of an active pollution-abatement program in each state and looks to further reduce both natural and man-made pollution in the waters of the Arkansas river basin.

  • Rep. Ponka-We Victors, Wichita
  • Lisa French, Partridge

Kansas-Nebraska Big Blue River Compact Administration

Gov. Kelly said the Administration promotes interstate comity between Nebraska and Kansas, achieves an equitable apportionment of the waters of the Big Blue river basin and promotes orderly development and encourages the continuation of the active pollution-abatement programs in each state, looks to further reduce both natural and man-made pollution of the waters of the Big Blue river basin.

According to Gov. Kelly, the Administration was created to administer the compact and its terms. She said it has the power to adopt rules and regulations consistent with provisions of the compact, to enforce these rules and regulations and to otherwise carry out its responsibilities. She said it can institute an action in its own name in courts of competent jurisdiction to compel compliance with the provisions of the compact and with the rules and regulations it adopts.

  • Dr. Hannah Birgé, Manhattan

Kansas Human Rights Commission

Gov. Kelly said the Commission prevents and eliminates discrimination assures equal opportunities in employment relations, eliminates and prevents discrimination, segregation or separation and assures equal opportunities in all places of public accommodations and in housing. She said its philosophy is to act in accordance with the highest standards of professional conduct, ethics, efficiency and accountability. She said that realizing the principles of equality and the protection of basic human rights are noble human efforts and the commission dedicates its activities to that purpose, believing that vigilance is the price of freedom. She said this appointment is subject to Senate confirmation.