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Kansas coach Bill Self says stepping down never crossed his mind in wake of ongoing NCAA case



Kansas – For the third time this week, the NCAA’s case against the Kansas men’s basketball program was a hot a topic during an interview featuring KU coach Bill Self.

On Tuesday’s episode of the podcast “Courtside with Dakich and Greenberg,” Self was asked by Dan Dakich if he had ever thought about resigning as a result of the NCAA’s infractions case against the Kansas program

“Hell no,” Self said emphatically. “That’s exactly the image and portrayal that’s been presented to people. I’m saying we haven’t done anything wrong. Why would I run from this? I mean, I’m not running from this at all.

“(Quitting has) not even (been) a thought process,” Self added. “Not one time. And I will not believe that or think that ever.”

That stance is nothing new, but rarely has Self been asked about stepping away. Self used the opportunity as an chance to reemphasize his commitment to KU.

“My resolve now is as strong now as it ever has been,” Self told Dakich and Seth Greenberg. “And I’m as excited about the future as I ever have been. We just have to get through this.”

Earlier in the week, on a podcast with Jeff Goodman and also during his regular weekly press conference, Self discussed the ongoing NCAA case’s impact on recruiting.

On Tuesday, he addressed the impact the entire process has had on him personally.

“My players have been great,” Self said. “This hasn’t affected my team at all. And it hasn’t affected my staff and it hasn’t affected me (and my) preparation. Now, has it affected my mind, as far as having a few things on my plate to think about instead of having relaxation and things like that? Sure it has. But that’s (par) for the course. We’ve had a pretty good run here for a long time. And if this is the biggest hiccup we’ve had, nobody wants to go through it, but we’ll get through it and be fine.”