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Kansas Gas Service reminds everyone to continue to conserve



Kansas – As temperatures start to rise slowly and the Midwest starts to thaw out (a bit), Kansas Gas Service reminds everyone to continue to reduce usage as much as possible.

Kansas Gas Service Public Relations Manager Dawn Tripp says the natural gas company has asked large-usage customers to adjust their usage to “plant protection mode.”

“Our large commercial, industrial, and transport customers play a pivotal role in helping the community avoiding a service disruption. This curtailment doesn’t apply to schools, hospitals, health-care facilities, hotels, public safety buildings, colleges or churches,” said Tripp.

“Plant Protection Mode” is defined as the lowest possible usage that will keep pipes from freezing and avoiding potential damage to equipment.

Tripp says despite the elevated temperatures, customers are still being asked to conserve natural gas where they can.

“We are asking our residential customers to continue to reduce their natural gas usage. If we all do our part, it can help reduce the number of people who may lose their natural gas service during this extreme weather event,” explained Tripp.

For more information on company severe weather updates, visit Kansas One Gas Service dot com slash Severe Cold.