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KDA to hold hearing regarding hemp production regulations in Kansas



Kansas – The Kansas Department of Agriculture will hold a hearing for a proposed adoption of a commercial industrial hemp regulation for the state.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture says it will hold a public hearing at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 20, to consider the adoption of a proposed regulation that will govern commercial industrial hemp production in the state. It said due to public health concerns regarding COVID-19, the hearing proceedings will be held via videoconference to give residents a chance for virtual participation. It said although in-person participation is also an option, attendance will be limited to allow for social distancing and comply with local health requirements.

According to the KDA, it is proposing amendments to K.A.R. 4-34-1 to make the existing rule and regulation align with requirements of the 2018 Farm Bill and the Commercial Industrial Hemp Act, which will both allow commercial hemp production in Kansas.

The KDA said a copy of the proposed regulation, as well as an expanded notice of public hearing, can be found on its website. It said those that wish to participate in the videoconference or in-person must pre-register and will be given a video link or instructions for in-person attendance. It said written comments can be submitted to the public comment page prior to the hearing or sent to the Kansas Department of Agriculture, 1320 Research Park Dr., Manhattan, KS 66502.