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Sue the T-Rex arrived ahead of Dino Days in Topeka



TOPEKA, KS-  With Dino Days only two weeks away, 2 trucks delivered Sue the T-Rex on Friday. As the T-Rex is the largest dinosaur, 14 ft. tall and 30 ft. long., 3 more trucks are expected.

As Topeka’s Dino Day’s first opening venue is only two weeks away, Mike McLaughlin, the communications and public information supervisor for Shawnee Co. Parks & Recreation said that everything will be ready on Feb.4.

“You know, the display opens February 4th, so you have 5 truckloads of the materials coming in here for the display,” said McLaughlin. “So, it is a very short time frame, really tight set up, but these guys know what they are doing. They are from the Chicago Film Museum, but we will get this turned around and February 4th will be really exciting.”

McLaughlin also said Dino Days is a multi-venue, multimedia experience where the public can touch, see, hear, and even smell the scents from the prehistoric era, brought to you by Greater Visit Topeka. The experience is also available in English and Spanish.

The Great Overland Station is the first of three venues featured during Topeka’s Dino Days.

Tiny Titans will happen on 24. Feb at the Children’s Discovery Center featuring tiny, baby dinosaurs. A bit later, on 10. March the Topeka Zoo will host dinosaurs alive with 18 life-size dinosaurs complete with animatronics.

This will be an amazing experience for the kids and grown-ups also, as these robotic real size dinosaurs can be seen only in Topeka.

Dino days starts on Feb. 4 and runs through May 1.